Trade Principles

Trade Principles

At Utopia Australia we believe in fair and good working trade principles and we work hard to ensure our artists are respected and involved in the process of bringing their artwork/merchandise to market.

We talk and discuss regularly with our artists about their royalties and any other queries they may have. We provide our artists, on request, with any information they require regarding their contracts, sales and royalty payments. We also understand that we all experience hard times, unexpected expenses, and oft times prepay royalties, although there is the chance that we may never recoup this prepayment should sales not eventuate.

We believe in ethical trading and fully support and adhere to the values that both the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia (AAAA) and the Indigenous Art Code promote.

A snippet from the Mission statement of AAAA:

Our mission is to ensure a vibrant, healthy, sustainable and inclusive Indigenous visual arts industry. We recognise that the industry depends upon the creative genius of Indigenous artists producing cultural material and that the long term viability of the industry depends upon that culture remaining strong.

We 100% support and agree with this mission. We will continue to promote the art and the culture of Aboriginal Australia to the best of our ability. Our relationship with our artists and the community is always at the forefront of everything we do.

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