Authenticity and Ethics


Maintaining the ethics and authenticity of the Aboriginal art and culture is extremely important to us.

Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery works closely with Indigenous Australians to help promote their artworks, culture and educate our population on the beauty and creativity of Aboriginal art. Utopia Australia was created by Mbantua Gallery in 2007 during the world Global Financial Crisis to provide the artists with an additional income stream. Mbantua Gallery has been working with the artists from the Utopia Region since 1987 and so we pride ourselves on our genuine connections with the artists and the community of Utopia.

Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery is a legacy member of the Aboriginal Art Association of Australia, and Utopia Australia is dedicated to upholding the ethics and guidelines for authenticity and fairness that this organisation expects when working with Indigenous artists and others in the community.

Utopia Australia ensures that every product is labelled with details about the artist and the design and, with permission, a photo of the artist.

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