SBSN216 - Snack Bowl Set - Katie Petyarre Morgan

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  • Bamboo SBSN216 - Snack Bowl Set - Katie Petyarre Morgan
  • Bamboo SBSN216 - Snack Bowl Set - Katie Petyarre Morgan
  • Bamboo SBBL129 - Salad Bowl - Janelle Stockman


These snack bowl sets are perfect for entertaining guests or just the family. Featuring 3 bowls each that sit in one base, snacks can be mix and matched!

Each set is lightweight, durable, BPA Free and eco-friendly.

Made from bamboo fibre these snack bowl sets come packaged in a raw cardboard box with information on the artist and design printed on it and also lets customers know that the artist receives royalties for this product.

Care: These bamboo sets are dishwasher safe but cannot be put in the microwave.

Measurements: 4.5cm (height) x 33cm (length) x 10cm (depth).

Material: Bamboo fibre, Corn Flour and Melamine.

Note: Bamboo fibre is an environmemtally friendly material due is its ease and speed of growing and its biodegradability. However, products cannot be made out of bamboo fibre alone. There must be a material to help bond the bamboo fibres to hold the shape of the product and in almost all bamboo products on the market, this material is melamine. The quality of melamine can vary but rest assured that the melamine in these products is high-quality, food grade melamine. The percentage of bamboo fibre and melamine can vary a little but is usually around the 45% bamboo, 30% corn flour and 25% melamine ratio. Therefore, although these products are not 100% biodegradable they are still much better for the environment than full melamine or plastic products.

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